Kroes Croquettes...traditional Dutch foods made in Ontario
Chicken Croquettes

About Us

Kroes Croquettes is a family-run business owned by Meine Kroes. Meine bought an existing company - “Mister  Croquette” - in 2012. The original company had produced traditional Dutch snack foods in Ontario since 1999. 

Kroes Croquettes is based in Peterborough, Ontario and sells it’s products
across Ontario in small specialty food stores, Dutch markets and many other
fine retail outlets. Please see our list of Retail Outlets. We also sell directly to
the public by Contacting Us and placing an order.

Kroes Croquettes also have a Catering Truck which offers our fine foods
for your special event. Our menu can be adjusted depending on the individual needs,
but in general we can make:
     •  chicken croquettes              Kroes Croquettes Catering Truck        
     •  beef croquettes
     •  bitterballs
     •  frikandellen
     •  nasi-hapjes
     •  bami-hapjes
     •  hamburgers
     •  cheeseburgers
     •  hotdogs
     •  fresh cut fries
     •  patat oorlog
     •  poutine
     •  mozzarella sticks
     •  onion rings                                               Kroes Croquettes - Catering Truck
     •  slushies